Paper: An Analysis of the Main Character Winston Smith in 1984 by George Orwell

Parson a fellow employee is a dedicated party member who stupidly and blindly follows the party's doctrine. Winston works at the Ministry of Truth. His assignment is the rewriting and falsification of history so that it makes the party look better. Winston encounters Julia at work. She stumbles and when Winston tries to help her she slips him a paper with "I love you" written on it. They have several encounters and finally manage to meet in privacy. Julia turns out to be a corrupt girl. They begin living together. Winston and Julia visit O'Brien and join the secret rebel Brotherhood. Except for the requirement to never see each other, they accept all terms of membership. Before long the fear that Winston had lived with for so long became a reality and the Thought Police shows up at their house. The separate Winston and Julia. Winston is being held prisoner at the Ministry of Love. He finds out that O’Brien has deceived him. Winston is tortured by O'Brien in the infamous room 101 until he confesses to many crimes he never committed. He is also being brain-washed so that he conforms to the party doctrine. The ultimate torture is the use of rats that are caged and strapp