Phone screen with facebook login page

There is no secret that lately, Facebook has a significant amount of troubles in all directions. One of these troubles is the huge amount of fake social network accounts. Even considering the fact that more than two billions of fake accounts were deleted, this problem is bigger than you think.

Recently Facebook has done a lot of work to combat the creation of fake accounts. But as we could notice that work was more like Don Quixote’s fight with windmills. As Facebook reports, they are beginning to test new verification method of their clients. And here how it works: For confirmation that you are human, Facebook will propose you to make a short video selfie through their application. In this video selfie, you need to keep your Smartphone at eye level and move your head inside the digital circle. After that, your short video would be sent to Facebook for identity verification. In that way, Facebook planning to minimize the number of fake accounts.

So, what about the security of personal data? We all know that Facebook has enormous problems with this. Facebook says that after verification, all the videos will be deleted in 30 days. And also, they assure us that those videos would be used only for your identity verification.

That’s all sounds good, but I have one little question: What if some person would create new Facebook account, pass the video verification and after 30 days when this video would be deleted, could that person create a new account? : )