Clean room

After a series of fraud investigations, Airbnb will verify all properties indicated in their listings.

In October, a major scandal occurred around the company. Real estate rental offers that were fraudulent or untrue were found on the company’s website.

When people arrived at the place of their reservation, they usually received a call from the landlord saying that due to some problems, the property is unavailable. Then they are offered another housing as a replacement. But that property is located in the different are and have lower amenities. Due to the fact that people are far from their home and tired, they have to stay at least one night in that property.

But despite the misleading booking, Airbnb is refused to give a full refund to their clients.

In a series of several tweets, executive director of the Airbnb declared the following:

  • Until December 2020, they are planning to verify 100 % of all offers on their website.
  • If the property booked by the guests would not correspond to reality, and the company cannot find another, the cost of the reservation will be refunded in full.
  • From now on, Airbnb launches “hotline” for their clients, so everybody, in any time, and any location, could call for company support.

Airbnb has previously introduced changes to its policy.

On November 2, a massive firefight occurred in a rented house in California, killing five people. Following this incident, Airbnb banned "party houses".

In 2017, the BBC conducted its investigation and found that the criminals hacked accounts on the site and robbed at home. After that, Airbnb made changes to its security policy.